Our fence is characterized by its esthetics, its safety and its reliability. Build initially to secure swimming pool environement, this fence is not massive and can also be installed to delimit yards, shops, cemeteries or others. Its installation is easy and can be adapted to any ground surface.

Although our standard model is the most requested, under certain condition we can manufacture other models in various heights and sizes on request.

A very good handyman will install it easily or you can let us do it. Instructions to install the fence in the ground or on a cement pavement are included. Made out of galvanized steel (the steel is coated with zinc) our fence defies rust and require no maintenance. It will as beautiful as it is now in twenty years.

A great fence for a long time

With the exception of bigger and higher fences, the installation doesn't require cement pillars. To prevent frost degradation, the post is inserted in the ground to a depth of 3 feet using a mass. It can be adapted to all grounds. On a concrete pavement, inkings are fixed to assure the solidity of the installation. All the work is done on the spot even if cutting or welding is needed. Each section has a length of seven feet (post included). Because of this installation process, the fence can be moved without too much problem. I.E. the childrens are growing, you want more space around your swimming pool, it can be done. Another good reason not to use cement pillars: if the cement moves, it's much more expensive to put everything back in place. Our installation technique has proven it's efficiency since 1980.

If you choose to install it yourself, we provide you with clear instructions and an installation manual. No welding is necessary. All the galvanized bolts and nuts are provided. Approximately 15% of our customers install it themselves and more choose to do so every year. We provide installation services mainly in the Quebec city area and surroundings. Beauce, Victoriaville, Trois-Rivière, or any other city within 1h00-1h30 of our head office by car.

Our fences can be delivered anywhere in the province of Quebec, Ontario and in many other places for minimal delivery fees.

We have a simple door with an opening of 44 inches and a double door whith an opening of 84 inches between the posts. We also offer an accordion door in panels of 7 feet or 3.5 feet length.

Other products:
Although fences are our main products, we can also manufacture guards and staircases. We usually offer those product starting from the automn since during the estival season we're busy installing fences. We also make flower boxes which can be directly installed on the fence. We can also build flower stands or bird feeders and fit them directly on the post of the fence or simply on a post the height you want at anywhere you want.

We can also sell an arch which is installed next to the small door or any other place you like.

After 26 years of operations, we have distinguished ourselves in reliability, beauty and the safety of our product. We also have a very good service. When you make a deal with us, you remain our customer. We do not refuse to help, if there is something to correct on the work which was made. We are with you for the whole satisfaction.

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